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The problem

Ever had the experience of bringing a candidate on-site for a technical interview, who appeared like a rockstar programmer on paper, only to find out he performed underwhelmingly below expectation?

Or, the interview tool you are using is drastically inferior to what programmers are using day to day, and is becoming the bottleneck of your interview pipeline?

What's broken?

  • Resumes don't necessarily reflect actual skills
  • Traditional phone screens are imprecise, and susceptible to bias
  • On-site interviews are time-consuming and expensive
  • Existing live coding interview tools are lagging behind

The problem is real. We've all been there.

Fortunately, we have a solution.

Codidate slashes interview turnaround time and costs to 1%.

Meet Codidate

Why Codidate for online coding interview?

Codidate is a next-generation online coding interview platform with support for over 30 popular programming languages, and the best code intelligence built in. Think of it like collabedit, but with code execution capabilities, advanced code intelligence, and interview playback.

Codidate allows you to conduct a remote coding interview to instantly assess a candidate's true coding skills without paying thousands of dollars for an expensive on-site interview.

  • Conduct online coding interview
  • 30+ programming languages
  • Video calling
  • Advanced code intelligence
  • REPL support
  • Interview playback
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A better alternative to Codepad

Codidate is the only online coding interview tool that offers advanced code intelligence for many popular programming languages.

With code intelligence, recruiters can better assess candidates' coding skills, their knowledge of libraries, packages, and/or the ecosystem, in both breadth and depth, in an environment similar to their day-to-day IDE.

As a candidate, you probably don't have time for document searches during an interview, and want to avoid being tripped up on small details. Code intelligence comes to the rescue!

  • Auto completion
  • Diagnostics
  • Hover info
  • Signature help
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Conduct online coding interviews

Candidates can run code right in the browser. No need to install any software.

Your code is compiled and executed in a container in the Codidate cloud. It produces exactly the same results as on a physical machine.

Advanced code intelligence

Demonstrate the real problem-solving skills, instead of being tripped up on small details.

Streamline online coding experience with Codidate's code intelligence (AKA IntelliSense) features, including: auto completion, diagnostics, hover info, signature help, etc.

30+ programming languages

We support over 30 popular programming languages/environments. In fact, it's hard to see what's not in here!

For most programming languages/environments, we provide common libraries. Test frameworks are provided if possible.

For a complete list of programming languages/environments, view languages.

Video calling

Call your candidate anytime during the interview, with audio/video, to facilitate direct communication. Skype style. Right in the browser.

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  • 30+ Languages
  • Advanced Code Intelligence
  • 20 Interviews/Month
  • 1 User Account
  • For Solo Users



  • 30+ Languages
  • Advanced Code Intelligence
  • 50 Interviews/Month
  • 20 User Accounts
  • For Small Teams



  • 30+ Languages
  • Advanced Code Intelligence
  • 120 Interviews/Month
  • 50 User Accounts
  • API Access
  • Premium Customer Support
  • For Established Companies

Why choose Codidate

What our customers like about Codidate.

Conduct Live Coding Interview

Assess candidate's coding skills in an environment where he/she feels natural.

30+ programming languages

Support over 30 popular programming languages.

Video Calling

Call your candidate anytime during the interview. Skype style. Right in the browser.

Advanced code intelligence

With IDE-level code intelligence, candidates feel more at home and show real performance.


REPL (read-eval-print loop), aka shell, support for scripting environments.

Interview Playback

Replay any interview session after it's done.

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