Getting Started for Candidates

How to make the most of Codidate as a candidate

If you have a forthcoming technical interview using Codidate, it is recommended to get familiar with Codidate beforehand. This way, you get more out of Codidate and can better focus on solving technical problems during the interview.

We have put great effort into making Codidate super easy to use. Once you are in the Codidate sandbox, it works like this: enter code in the editor on the left, then hit the Run button to execute the code, and check the results in the terminal on the right. Easy peasy!

Codidate Sandbox

Programming languages

You can choose any language suitable for your interview from the language selector located on the upper-left corner of the sandbox UI. You can check various aspects of each language, like platform/version, libraries/packages/modules/frameworks installed, sample snippets for writing test cases, REPL support, etc.

Code intelligence

Code intelligence (CI) is a prominent feature of Codidate. It’s an umbrella term for these commonly used capabilities: auto completion, diagnostics, hover info, and signature help. Code intelligence mitigates much cognitive burden for programmers and potentially makes the interview go much smoother. We have implemented CI support for many languages, with a CI indicator showing what capabilities are available for that language, below the language selector.

Editor settings

Codidate features the best code editor in any online technical interview tool. You can tune it to better suit your needs. You can change font size, tab spacing, as well as key bindings (standard/Vim mode).

Video camera

You are advised to bring a computer with a built-in video camera, or set up an external video camera, as video calling might be necessary during the interview.


If you need any help, feel free to drop us a line at:, and we will be with you soon!