Getting Started for Recruiters/Interviewers

How to make the most of Codidate as a recruiter

Thank you for choosing Codidate as your technical interview platform! Here is a rundown of what the basic steps look like when conducting a technical interview on Codidate.

Sig up

Before you can create an interview, you need to sign up with Codidate first. Choose one of the plans we offer to best suit your needs, depending on your monthly quota.

Create an interview

Log in to the dashboard, and click the “Create Pad” button located at the bottom left of the page, highlighted below:

Create Interview

This will create an interview and redirect to the interview page which looks like this:

Codidate Interview

Once both you and the candidate join the interview, any code edit/execution will be visible to you, which allows you to monitor the interview in real time.

Send invite

Now you can send the invite to the candidate. On the interview page, click the Invite button to reveal the invite popover. Then enter the candidate’s email in the popover, and hit Send. Your candidate will receive the invite email along with the link to the interview. At the appointed time, the candidate can click the link to join the interview.


Once the interview is over, you can view it in the dashboard. Clicking an ended interview replays it, keystroke by keystroke. Execution output and REPL events are also replayed.


If you need any help, feel free to drop us a line at:, and we will be with you soon!