Frequently Asked Questions

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How is Codidate valuable?

Codidate helps companies conduct technical interviews online with consistency. In contrast with on-site interviews, Codidate can save up to thousands of dollars per interview.

How does Codidate work?

When you click the Run button, you submit a code snippet to Codidate's execution server in the cloud. The server calls a real compiler to compile the code, executes it, and returns the result to you.

Do I have to sign up to use Codidate?

No, you don't have to. Codidate provides a sandbox for everyone to play in.

However, if you want collaborative editing and interview playback, you need to sign up.

What is code intelligence?

Code intelligence (CI), also known as IntelliSense or code assistance, performs advanced analysis on source code, and provides features like auto completion, diagnostics, hover info, signature help, etc., based on the analysis results.

CI in Codidate requires no setup. If CI is available for a language, simply code away and bask in the convenience brought to you by CI.

Code intelligence is not working for me?

If the language you are using supports code intelligence, try to make some edits in the editor to activate CI. CI is turned off when the user has been idle for some time, and comes back when the user interacts with the editor again.

Is there X service? Can I call it from Y language?

Currently Codidate provides two types of services: MySQL and PostgreSQL. DB connectors are installed for these languages: PHP, Python 2/Python 3, and JavaScript/TypeScript.

Services and DB connectors are orthogonal, meaning, you can connect to any service via any DB connector.

Do you support language X / library Y? Is code intelligence available?

Please check the languages page. If you are in the sandbox, you can click the language selector to view available languages and code intelligence availability.

How does interview playback work?

During an interview, Codidate records input/output events, including keystrokes and execution outputs. After the interview ends, any user with a Codidate account within your organization can replay the whole interview, event by event.

Can I use multiple languages in an interview?

Yes, you can! Feel free to switch to any language you want using the language selector.

How are resources limited?

Each container is allocated 1 CPU core, 512MB memory, and 20 seconds of continuous running time per run.

Service containers are allowed to run up to 1 hour max.

Differences between a sandbox pad and an interview pad?

While you can have code intelligence and run code in either a sandbox or an interview pad, here are the differences:

  • A sandbox pad can't create or call a service;
  • There is only one participant in a sandbox pad, while there can be multiple in an interview pad;
  • Playback is only available for interview pads.

What is service?

A service is a standalone process in the Codidate cloud which allows clients to perform DB queries. For instance, you can create a MySQL service, and call it from a PHP pad.

In order to call a service, you need to create it first; then plug the host/port/credentials into the DB connector installed with the pad language.

Software/hardware requirements?

You don't need to install any software to use Codidate. All you need is a web browser and a video camera.

Codidate runs in all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. However, for best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.

How to cancel my plan?

Simply submit a request to, and we will handle it for you very soon.

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