Powerful Features

Features to streamline your technical interview process

Online Code Execution

Codidate allows you to run any code, right in the browser, in a click. No setup is required. And you will see the exactly same results as you would on your local, physical machine.

30+ Programming Languages

We support many programming languages, including C/C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, etc. We have also installed popular libraries/packages for these languages.

Equally important, we have set up test harnesses for most major languages, so that you can test the candidate's TDD skills.

For a complete list of supported languages and detailed information, go to languages.

IDE-level Code Intelligence

Online interview tools have never been this smart before. Code intelligence, aka code assistance/IntelliSense in Codidate is available for many mainstream programming languages. Code intelligence help you avoid being tripped up on details, and show your real problem-solving skills.

Code intelligence works in the following forms:

  • Auto Completion
  • Diagnostics
  • Hover Info
  • Signature Help

Auto Completion

Also known as autocomplete, it shows a list of candidate members/methods to choose from, when a member access operator (. or ->) is entered.

Hover Info

Shows a help popover with detailed information when the cursor hovers over a token.


Shows syntactical errors in code, like function name typos, mismatched brackets, etc.

Signature Help

Shows signature of a function or method.

Interview Playback

Replay the whole interview anytime, after it's ended.

It replays each keystroke and each execution output, precisely. You can also jump to any arbitrary point during the interview.


We provide REPLs for major scripting languages, including: Python, JavaScript, Ruby, R, etc. To check if a language has REPL support, go to languages.

These are real REPL environments, where you can enter code to evaluate, and get results.


Create a database service (MySQL or PostgreSQL) and call it from your pad in any supported language, notably PHP, Python 2/3, JavaScript (Node) or TypeScript.

Video Calling

Whenever you need to start a video call with the peer, you can do so by clicking Start Call.

Customizable DB Schema

We provide a default schema for MySQL and PostgreSQL environments. Meanwhile, you can create a custom database, against which the candidate can issue any queries.

Private Interview Notes

Take notes of the interview, so that you can keep track of it later. Such notes are only visible to you and other users within your organization. The candidate won't be able to see them.

Question Library

Create a library of standard questions for your interview team. Then present them to the candidate in a single click. This helps create consistency and visibility across interview sessions.

Editor / Terminal Settings

You can adjust various aspects of the code editor and the terminal, like key bindings (standard and Vim), font sizes, and tab spacing.

In addition, you can disable code intelligence and/or execution. This can be useful when you want to have the candidate "execute" code in his mind.

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